Comparison Exercise

Part I: Thesis  

Choose two essays from the assigned readings and write a thesis statement in which you make a comparison.


“Water’s Edge” Salmon Rushdie
“Footprints” Annie Dillard
“Recalling Niels Bohr” Annie Dillard
“Utah” Annie Dillard
“Lonesome with Snails” Annie Dillard
“The Longest Main Street in the World” C.E. Richard
“The Long Goodbye” C.E. Richard
“The Way of the Osprey” Kathleen Dean Moore

Part II: Choose supporting passages

From each essay, choose a passage that will help support your thesis.


Part III: Analyzing the text

Give a detailed interpretation of one of the passages you selected in Part II.  Don’t censor yourself.  Give analysis even if you don’t know if it will be used to support thesis statement.


Part IV:  Writing body paragraphs

In support of your thesis, write a body paragraph that begins with a strong topic sentence.  Incorporate one of the selected passage from Part II and any relevant textual analysis from Part III. Do not use analysis that does not fit the topic of the paragraph, and be sure to link you analysis back to thesis in some way.  Try to work towards a transition sentence.


Part V: Conclusion

Craft a conclusion that wraps up your argument without simply restating it. Try to add something new for your reader to walk away with.