Dogear notebook cover featuring Dak. Born: March 2017  Surrendered By Owner: April 2018  Notes: Young Mastiff Mix; Wears His Heart On His Nose; Big Fan Of Quarterback Dak Prescott  Adopted: May 2018
Dogear notebook cover featuring Sweet Cheeks. Stray Picked Up By Animal Control: July 2018  Unclaimed, Put Up For Adoption: August 2018  Unique Markings: Freckles, Patches And A Big Smile  Adopted: December 2018
Dogear notebook cover featuring Niko. Rescued From A Trashcan: February 2019  Superpowers: Can Hear How Much You Love Him; Invincible, But Cries For Help When He Needs It  Legal Prowess: The Man Who Tossed Niko Was Arrested And Charged With Cruelty  Adopted: March 2019

Dogear cares about dogs and all animals and wanted to provide a platform for people to read about and/or tell their own animal-human success stories. In addition to designing the Dogear brand and style guide, I designed the website and notebooks for people to log their daily animal interactions.

The website introduces  shelter and rescue animals through portraits and brief biographies, raising awareness of the number of animals who need human helpers. The website also allows users to purchase a journal or make a charitable contribution to help facilities and volunteers conduct their work comfortably and ethically.

Meet the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area's dogs at Dogear

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